Stand On This

Stand On This

Friday, May 20, 2011

the truth.

this world is full of love.. love is not only for our couple... we also can give our love to friends... :)... i love my family,my friends,relatives... :)...
love can make us crazy because its full of conspiration...

  • love can make us happy

  • love can make us cry

  • love can make us angry n upset

  • love can make us to be a very quiet person in our whole world/days

  • love also can make us changed n be a matured person..

i got my 1st love when i was 19,,,he's the 1st person... i started realized i fall in love to him after 5 month we have been couple... he's really make me gonna be crazy,we have a very Good relationship until a lot of conflict came into our days. hmmm,,,its really make me upset.. evryday we have a fight,,n since that day,,,i always be with my mom,i told her evrything,,my mom is a really great mother,,, she's is my mom n sometimes she's like me best buddies,,, :).. i love u ibu...

the bad thing that really suck in my life is when i broke up with Him,,,on the days,,,when i know everything,,,the words,the act,the liars and the fact...its really hurt me.. i cried for a week,,,when i wake up in the morning,,there are no any missed call,a messaged.. :(... when my lunch time,,He's not send a text to remind me to eat...when i was sick,,i dont get a text from him to ask me,,go to clinic,,take my medicine on time,,asked me to rest.. and make me really sad ,,before i sleep at night,,there is no any text that said GOOD NITE MAMA,,I LUV U.. :'(,,damn...its really make me sad...

but today..i be more strongger than 5month ago...THANK YOU IBU,ADIK,SAYANG,PAPA,FATIN n all my friends that always stand behind me.. n always support me,,,i really appreciate it..if 5month ago i dont want to hear his name,to see our picture,to remember everything that happen to us,to see the rings that he buy for me,,to drive my car,to see a sofa in my house that he sitted before but today....EVERYTHING IS CHANGED...

i let u go,,.. :)..because i love u more than u love me..

*all my bad habit come back.. :p